10 Best Roblox Extensions For Chrome

Do you use the Google Chrome browser to play Roblox games? If yes, then you will glad to acknowledge that Google Chome has some extensions which will help you to improve your gameplay.

We are going to discuss the 10 best Roblox extensions for Google Chrome in our today’s blog. All of them are free to download and will add some additional features to the Roblox websites. I suggest you download all of them because each of them has different functionality and help you to enhance your gaming experience. Scroll down to explore them.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a massively hit online virtual gaming platform and workshop, which is most suitable for all ages of people. Roblox allows its users functionality to interact with other users and also they can create their own games. Every game available on Roblox is unique by nature and created by a member of the Roblox community. To start with Roblox you need to choose your avatar and give a name to your avatar. Afterward, you can start exploring Roblox by playing diverse category games, interact with other players using chat, or designing new games.

By participating in Roblox game development, you can earn an in-game currency called Robux. These Robux can be used to withdraw as real cash or you can use it to make an in-app purchase.

Best Roblox Extensions For Chrome:-

Google Chrome web store has a lot of extensions, some people even made their own extensions. Now question risen up about which extensions are best suited for enhancing the Roblox website gaming experience. So without taking too much time why can’t we start talking about them.

1. Roblox Pro:-

Roblox Pro promises to make your Roblox experiences a lot better by offering amazing features like game statistics of your most played game. This is one of the only extensions that help you to calculate how much money your Roblox game make. The following are some of the best features offered by Roblox pro.

  • View the states of paid games without accessing them.
  • Roblox play buttons are now aligned with the game stats buttons.
  • Total sales can figure out by viewing catalog items.
  • Robox pro uses minimal resources of the computer.

2. BTRoblox:-

BTRoblox or better Roblox designed with the aim of modifying the overall look of Roblox websites and improve website functionality by adding plenty of features. Below we have mentioned some of the best features of BTRoblox.

  • Enable to rename Robux to USD.
  • BTRoblox has removed the missing permission banner.
  • The legacy theme compact mode is introduced with the BTRoblox.
  • Provide the functionality to customize the navigation bar of the Roblox website.
  • Help to fix the avatars using BodyTypeScale.

3. DashBlox:-

DashBlox is another best Roblox extension for Chrome. It enables the users to add or modify the missing features of Roblox. We have comprised a list of features offered by DashBlox.

  •  Item Stats:- This feature enables the users to add a list of states that are missing with Roblox.
  • Game Pass Stats:- This feature shows the stats of your most played game that are missing with Roblox.
  • Owner List:- This offers access to the owners list that is missing with Roblox.
  • Page List:- It is the most important and transparent feature of this extension, that helps you determine which page you’re on.

DashBlox is in an early stage of development but accessible to the world.

4. PLPO Roblox:-

PLPO Roblox is another best Roblox rap extension. This extension is also helpful to add missing features to Roblox. This extension was introduced by a gamer name RMCK.

5. Roblox ID Grabber:-

As the name suggests this extension helps the Roblox users to grab the catalog id. You simply need to right-click on the catalog item and Roblox ID Grabber will show you the catalog id.

6. Roblox Sales Counter:-

Roblox Live Sales Count is another best Roblox extension for Chrome that works as a live counter for Roblox items. This extension is introduced with the aim of providing easy access to the live counter of sales on Roblox items. You just need to click on the little icon appears on any item, and this will automatically lead you to a webpage where you can see the live sales counter.

7. rbx.cloud:-

rbx.cloud chrome extension claims to enhance your Roblox gaming experience. It consistently works on the improvement of every area of the Roblox website. Apart from this rbx.cloud can also be used to convert Robux to USD, count live items, game timestamps, etc.

8. Metablox:-

Metablox is one of the best Roblox extensions available for Chrome. It has a collection of more than 800 Roblox games promo codes. Also proven helpful to fix webpage loading issues that appear occasionally. Metablox adding more promo code every day, these promo codes can be used to avail of discount on Roblox.

9. Roblox Profile Finder:-

Roblox Profile Finder lets you open the profile page of any Roblox users just by entering the username. Particularly useful when you want to perform a Roblox search on the Chrome browser. Due to its amazing features, it manages to secure the 9th position in our best Roblox extensions for Chrome.

10. Roblox Stats:-

Roblox Stats is useful for those Roblox users who wish to know about the missing information on Roblox items and games. Also, it can be used to detect the number of sales a Roblox item able to generate along with the amount of USD made by these sales.

10 Best Roblox Extensions For Chrome:-

Following is the list of best Roblox extensions 2021.

  1. Roblox Pro
  2. BTRoblox
  3. DashBlox
  4. PLPO Roblox
  5. Roblox ID Grabber
  6. Roblox Live Sales Count
  7. rbx.cloud
  8. MetaBlox
  9. Roblox Profile Finder
  10. Roblox Stats

Final Take:-

We have mentioned some of the best Roblox extensions for Chrome that will help you to enhance your gaming experience on Roblox and save your time. All of them are available on the Chrome web store. If you have any extensions also in your mind then let us know using the comment section.

Well, that’s the end of today’s post. I hope you have liked our blog, if yes then consider sharing it with your Roblox buddies so they can also improve their gaming experience.

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