Is Roblox Safe For My Child? [A Parental Guide]

Roblox is a massively hit online video gaming platform, especially among kids. Do your child also spend hours while playing the Roblox games? If yes, then as a parent it is obvious for you to worry about your child’s safety. Many of you got some questions like “Is Roblox safe for my child? If you also have the same question risen up in your mind then you are at the right palace.

I have concluded everything you need to know about Roblox in today’s post. Read this article carefully to know is Roblox safe for my child or not. Also, I will discuss some precautions you can take to safeguard your child on Roblox.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming platform that lets you enjoy numerous games and also provides functionality to design your own games. Many peoples consider Roblox as an application designed by gamers for gamers. You will be surprised to know that Roblox has surpassed Minecraft and become the most lovable gaming platform across the world.

Roblox has an incredible collection of games like obstacles games, racing games, simulator games, and many more. Apart from playing these games, you also have the option to build your own games. Isn’t it amazing? Roblox offers a detailed guide, to begin with, Roblox. The online supportive community of Roblox always be there to assist you.

If you’re a creative game developer then you will glad to acknowledge that Roblox offers you to earn money by designing games. This money can be used to exchange with the real cash or you can use this money to perform in-app purchases on Roblox.

What Is The Recommended Age Of Roblox?

Roblox doesn’t imply any age restriction or limitations. However, users under the age of 13, recommended using Roblox under the supervision of guardians, although this supervision is not mandatory. Anyone above 10 years can play games on Roblox that means Roblox is best suitable for most of the kids.

As of May 2020, Roblox manages to build a community of 155 million players across the world. Around 60% of them have ages of between 8 to 18 years. These facts are quite enough to observe the craze of Roblox among the younger generations.

Is Roblox Safe For My Child?

As of now, Roblox is pretty much safe for your child. Most of the games available on Roblox are fun to play, safe and some of them are specially developed for kids. The interface of Roblox is quite impressive in comparison to its rivals Minecraft and Fortnite and designed in such a way to make an appeal to kids. That’s why kids prefer Roblox over the other gaming platforms. Mostly games available on Roblox are best suited for all ages while some of them are recommended for 13+ users.

Roblox always keeps safety as the first priority. Roblox team constantly keeps an eye on user-generated content. But as we know that Roblox is a broadly used platform, sometimes it is possible that you may land up with some offensive content. So we advise the parents to guide their kids about how they can safely use Roblox.

Although Roblox is considered as a safe platform until you follow the safety guidelines.

What Are The Issues Associated With Roblox?

Nothing is perfect in the world of the internet, the same rule applies to Roblox also. This is also a user-driven platform so anyone can create anything, so it is essential to acknowledge the potential issues and how you can avoid them.

The user-generated content can lead your child to various risks including nudity, abusive behaviors, and stranger danger. The following are some of the risks that you need to watch out as a parent.

1. Adult Content And Swearing:-

However, Roblox has a set of rules to avoid adult content and swearing, but still many peoples manage to find out the loopholes. After all, Roblox has a community of 150 million users, so it’s become difficult for Roblox to keep everything shielded.

Roblox replaces every abusive word with the #### but however many users found ways to use these swear words by putting space between the words or with the help of euphemisms.

2. Lack Of Parental Controls:-

Roblox parental control features help you to maximize the safety of Roblox. Once parental control is enabled your child won’t be able to make changes into the game settings without entering the parent pin set by you while creating the account. That means you have control over your child’s gaming activities.

Many people don’t like the fact that Roblox doesn’t offer any parental control. That means your child can set up a Roblox account without letting you know. Also, your child has full control over the game settings, so it becomes difficult for parents to track the activity of their kids.

3. User-Driven Content:-

User-driven content is the main feature of Roblox. It allows your child to play highly creative games, but it may also lead him to several unsuitable contents. However, Roblox always keeps an eye over the content but still, there are high chances of your child’s engagement with unsuitable items.

Few Roblox games such as Hotline Roblox contain offensive visuals and also sometimes they visualize the sexual activities. So it is essential for parents to keep an eye on their kid’s activities.

4. Lack Of Offline Gameplay:-

As I have said earlier that Roblox is an online video game, so it doesn’t offer any functionality for your children to play these games offline. Also, it is not possible to play alone on Roblox, so there are high chances of your child’s engagement with the offensive content.

How To SafeGuards Your Child On Roblox?

Some precautions need to be taken by the parents to ensure the safety of their kid on Roblox. I have mentions the steps below follow them properly to keep your child away from the threats.

  • Stay close to your child while they play games on Roblox.
  • Advice your child to stay away from strangers.
  • Secure your credit card and PayPal account, so your child cannot use them without your permission.
  • Be the friend of your child and start playing with them.
  • Make sure your child’s Roblox account not associated with the real name of your child.
  • Aware your kids about the possible threats of the internet.

Final Take:-

If you’re concerned about your child’s safety then I advise you not to worry too much because Roblox is a safe platform for your child as long as you follow the safety guidelines. To ensure the maximum safety of your child you can follow our above-given precautions list.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope this article helps you to find out the answer to the commonly asked question Is Roblox safe for my child?

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