Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes [Working List for Entire 2022]

Roblox Ghost Simulator is a game introduced by BloxByte exclusively for the Roblox gaming platform. When you start playing this game you need to go around and vacuum up to make troubles for the ghost, complete different journeys to unlock a higher level of the game.

If you have just started playing Ghost Simulator game, then it could be difficult for you to compete with your friends, who are playing Ghost Simulator for months or years. At that time you start looking for hacks or Roblox Ghost Simulator codes that can help you to get some additional benefit.

Here is today’s guide where we will discuss some of the currently active Ghost Simulator Codes. Redeem these codes and become the master of the game.

Ghost Simulator Codes

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes:

As I have said earlier that you need to complete the different quests. But what if I share a text code with you that can be used to level up instantly. Don’t be surprised you’ve heard it right? Valid Ghost Simulator Codes can help you to level up your game just by entering the code in your gameplay. Apart from level up, this code will help you to access some additional features of the game such as gems, vacuums, and backpacks, and a lot more.

So what are you waiting for, scroll down, and check the list of Ghost Simulator hacks?

New Codes:-

The below-given list consists of some of the best and latest Roblox Ghost simulator Codes. Along with codes we have also mention the rewards associated with code.

  • CLASSIFIED: Redeem this code to get a Crate key.
  • VANITY:  Redeem this code to get a Vanity.
  • PLAY: Redeem this code to get Cosmic Hand.
  • THEEND:  Redeem this codes to get Gears.
  • ITSCOMING: This code will help you to earn ButterBoy.
  • LUCK:  Redeem this code to earn a Crate Key.
  • 1YEAR: This code will let you earn a One Year Bag.
  • BB250K: This code will help to earn the Byte.
  • SPAC3: Redeem this code to earn Dave as a Reward.
  • R1FT: This code will help you to earn the Reward of Purple Pegasus Pet.
  • YOUTUBE: Redeem this code to earn the Reward Youtube Board.
  • FIREFLY: This code will prove helpful to  earn the Reward Firefly Pet
  • THANKYOU: This code can be used by alpha users only.
  • SPRING: This code will prove helpful to earn the Social prize egg.

New Ghost SImulator codes

Pet Codes:-

AS the name suggests, pet codes can be used to redeem some amazing that will help you to improve your gameplay.

  • EGGHUNT:- This code will let you redeem the pages pet.
  • CHANCE:- This code will help you to earn a crate key.
  • HOPHOP:- Redeem this code to earn a create key.
  • PATTY:- Redeem this code to get Lucky Bot Pet.
  • HEART:- Redeem this code to get Giggles pet.
  • SPIRAL:- This code will help you to get a Trippy pet.
  • WEKNOW:- Redeem this code to get Mushi pet.

Pet Ghost Simulator codes

These were some of the codes that offer amazing rewards such as pets, hoverboards, and currency. You need to redeem these codes and you will able to collect more ghosts. Also, your vacuum can be improved so it becomes more efficient and powerful.

Ghost Simulator pets will help you to collect more Ectoplasms from Ghosts that will help you to complete more quests of the game. To get a pet in Ghost Simulator games you can redeem the codes we have mentioned above. Meanwhile, Hoverboards will help you to travel around the map more efficiently.

How To Redeem Ghost Simulator Codes?

It’s quite a simple process to redeem rewards in Roblox, You just need to follow the instructions we have mentioned, and in the end, you will able to improve your gameplay.

  • Launch Ghost Simulator game.
  • Locate the Blue Twitter icon available at the left of the screen, tap on it and it will lead you to the following screen.

Redeem Ghost Simulator codes

  • Enter your Ghost Simulator Code and click on the Redeem button. Isn’t it a simple process?
  • If the entered code is valid and active then you will able to get the rewards. If it shows any error then check your code.

Final Take:-

All the codes we have mentioned above are currently active and will leverage you with amazing rewards. To avoid any kind of spelling mistake while redeeming codes, I advise you to copy and paste the codes. We have tried our best to mention only active and valid codes however if you face any difficulties while redeeming them then let us know using the comment section.

Well, that brings us to the end of our Ghost Simulator Codes. I hope these codes help you to improve your gameplay, and at last, don’t forget to share this post with your gaming buddies.

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